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Mr. Snerfy

The Persistence of Memory


Some times it’s fun to draw or paint and take a break from coding.

The above is a vector illustration of Salvador Dali’s famous painting The Persistence of Memory. I included a character I developed named Mr. Snerfy in Dali’s wonderful painting. I enjoy Mr. Snerfy sooo much, but haven’t quite found him a home yet. I have over 50 pages written about him in a book and many illustrations for a children’s app that’s intended to convey basic Buddhist concepts in a playful way. I haven’t quite got their yet. Some day maybe I’ll finish one or the other.

Here’s another of the illustrations:


Yes. I do love grapefruit and so does Mr. Snerfy.

He is also and avid meditator. In this animated GIF he attempts to describe Jhanna…


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