First and foremost, I thank my family. Mom, Dad, Doug, Mike, Francine, Sophie and Bix, thank you for your love. Without it, so much is just not possible. I love you back.

Thank you Jack Doyle and Carl Schooff for creating GreenSock, for providing amazing support and for taking the time to help with my book.

Thank you Stuart Avery Gold for your relentless faith.

Thank you Jim Robinson for being a great friend and colleague for all these years.

This book is the result of a exciting transition from Flash to HTML5 banners in the summer of 2015. Thank you to Sara Schotter for being an outstanding Project Manager and for bringing out my very best with ease. Also, a special thank you to Matt Dawson for taking the initiative in pursuing a hand-coded solution. He was among a huge group of people who patiently exchanged wisdom and energy to get a difficult job done. Though I take full responsibility for any errors or omissions, I thank all of these people for helping to make it a positive and fruitful experience:

Choice Hotels

  • Lauren Bailey
  • Wendy Beach
  • Gana Bhandari
  • Lindsay Coffelt
  • Sari Cohen
  • Mei Collins
  • Matthew Dawson
  • Bruce Dincin
  • Leslie Edelstein
  • Suzanne Elbaum
  • Saudia Gajadhar
  • Alicia Jenkins
  • Adam Liszewski
  • Joy McGee
  • Kristine Punga
  • Mary-Kate Rasa
  • Tiffany Sy
  • Amy Ziegenfuss


  • Jennifer Cooper (Thorsen)
  • Pablo
  • Rasmus

Gray Loon Marketing

  • Jason Ludwig
  • Sara Schotter


  • Joanna Auerbach Rodriguez
  • Mary Chen
  • Keri Demarino
  • Emily Garvey
  • Grace Lee
  • Jordan Ng
  • Joshua Pianko
  • Madhavi Rampersaud
  • Michael Rees
  • Anya Slavin
  • Sarah Stanley
  • Kallana Warner


  • Nick Bell
  • Kayleigh DAuria
  • Gillian DeRario
  • Patrick Donohue
  • Alex Goldklang
  • Tony Jones
  • Thea Katz
  • Shawn Kelly
  • Ross Lauda
  • Kevin Phelan
  • Jennifer Prieto
  • Bradley Recine
  • Robert Rudderow
  • Ryan Shields
  • Amy Zainfeld

Punch Communications

  • Jim Punch Robinson

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