Kurt Dommermuth is a full-stack web developer. Currently, he is busy with the following:

  • Node.js – Typescript based tool for automated syncing of customers between an ESP (Active Campaign) and a Electric Go-Kart racing platform. AutobahnSpeed is sooo much fun!
  • HTML email development using his own publicly available tool called Serious Email – click the link and sign-up for the free-trial.
  • PHP based Salesforce Integration (Lead generation) for Choice Hotels Development.
  • A Laravel based custom CRM for New York Fire Safe.

Current technical development stack includes PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, as well as NODE.js, Typscript, Mongo and Redis.

His cloud related platform of choice is AWS.

Over the course of many years he’s also dabbled in JAVA/AS3 and .NET and for a while got to know Docker well.

  • icon_html5HTML5
  • icon_jsJavaScript
  • icon_uxUX
  • icon_airAIR
  • icon_androidiOS Apps
  • icon_androidAndroid Apps
  • icon_phpPHP
  • icon_mysqlMySQL

Kurt strongly values attention to detail, clear communication and genuine passion for every project.

A few examples:


Serious.email is an advanced solution for quickly developing, managing and sending HTML emails. If you represent a business who needs to manage unlimited ongoing email campaigns with evolving HTML email content, then you should be using Serious.email. With respect to actual HTML email development and testing, it far surpasses tools like Mail Chimp and Exact Target. Additionally, it does things no other ESP is capable of. You can manage thousands of users, apply refined roles to each, give them autonomy to send emails at their own discretion and at the same time ensure your brand standards are enforced. If interested, please do contact me for a tour. Serious Email is built using several Laravel components, Redis for a fairly sophisticated caching strategy and other things.

Choice Hotels Development

ChoiceHotelsDevelopment.com is an attractive, efficient site built on WordPress MultiSite. It enables the site Admins to manage content and communication with ease. It features a particularly easy tool that enables prospects to quickly identify the Sales Representative responsible for the brand and location that interests them. By leveraging the power of Serious.Email, Choice Hotels Development site is remarkably successful in establishing communication between Choice Hotels Sales Representatives and prospective clients.

Visit ChoiceHotelsDevelopment.com.


KneeBouncers is an internationally popular website and Android/iOS app that caters to over 1.2 million unique visitors per year. It is dedicated to using web and mobile technology to creatively educate 0-4 year olds and those with special needs. This responsive site was efficiently built and maintained using SASS/node.js. The website uses WordPress and utilizes a number of technologies including extensive Flash (for games), JavaScript and a very sophisticated AJAX based shopping cart. The project also includes many apps. The most technically complex app is called the “The Great Play with Purpose App” and can be found in either iTunes or Google play.

Visit KneeBouncers.com.

Kurt is always interested in new opportunities. You can contact him here.

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