I’ve been involved in freelance front-end development for a long time. I made my first web site circa 1995 to showcase some music and art I was making at the time.

The idea that I could reach so many people fascinated me. It still does.

My first web site was pretty awful. Cosmetically it had little logical structure and my color choices were essentially random. I loved lime green. If you were around back then you may remember that I wasn’t the only one. Under the hood? It was amazing it worked at all.

Fortunately I grew.

Today, my strengths are with PHP, JavaScript, AIR and of course HTML5 and CSS. I’m comfortable with MySQL as well and have designed dozens of sites, including Marilyn Manson’s web site circa 2007.

With regards to web and mobile, there are few limits to what I can do.

A few examples from my personal projects are:

Human Song. Human Song is an experimental Android/iOS app built using ADOBE AIR + WordPress. In the simplest terms it’s an app whose content is manageable via WordPress. It is a social network focusing on user generated sound files that are recorded on the user’s phone and stored in the cloud. It includes a custom RESTful API for managing app calls and database response as well as utilizing FFMPEG to convert byte arrays to mp3. This is a very good solution for efficient, mobile-centric, social network creation. By harnessing WordPress as a platform to offload user management, dynamic content and significant processing demands, I have created a very cost effective means for allowing mid-sized businesses (and up) to create boutique social networks that offer the power of enterprise level social networks comparable to Vine and Whisper.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

KneeBouncers. KneeBouncers is an internationally popular website and Android/iOS app that caters to over 1.2m unique visitors per year. It is dedicated to using web and mobile technology to creatively educate 0-4 year olds and those with special needs. This responsive site was efficiently built and maintained using SASS. The website uses WordPress and utilizes a number of technologies including extensive Flash (for games), JavaScript and a very sophisticated AJAX based shopping cart. The project also includes many apps. The most technically complex app is called the “The Great Play with Purpose App” and can be found in either iTunes or Google play.

Visit KneeBouncers.com.

In 2015 I’ve been busy helping some fantastic clients build some amazing things. I’ve built a B2B app for iOS and Android. I’ve coded about 80 HTML emails, many of which are responsive. I’ve done dozens of HTML5 banners, built an html5 banner validator and coded several animated micro-sites also using HTML5. It’s been an exciting year so far.

I’m always interested in new opportunities as well. Feel free to contact me. Tell me what you’re interested in making. Chances are excellent that I’ve worked on something that relates and will be happy to share other examples of my work.

What do you want to make?

Thank you,
Kurt Dommermuth